Boygroup: subpatches appear twice & transformation question

I’m currently struggling with a few boygrouping issues and I’m not quite sure if those are bugs or just something I did wrong:

1. When copying subpatches to the client, they appear twice on the client. Also the Renderer (EX9) appears twice and when switching to fullscreen it seems one of them (always the one in front) turns black and the other one is not visible. At least that’s what I can see when going back from fullscreen and switching between “both” renderers.
Seems to be a known issue, see

  1. The only way to transport transformations from the server to the client seems to be to first send the transformations through a GetMatrix on the server side and then feeding the matrix into a SetMatrix on the client side. Using subpatches with Transformations as output or input doesn’t work as long as input and output are either server-side or client-side.

I’m working on two machines, both running vvvv 40beta20, no other startup options besides /client xx.xx.xx.xx and /server.

(Edit: Behaviour of both problems is reproducable with the TakeThat patch …)

hola carstor,

yes, nr 1 is a known issue with that known workaround (for now) and nr. 2 is in general: all connections between node-pins (transforms, textures, renderstates, audio, video,…) have to be between two blue nodes or between two boygrouped nodes.

i cannot remember a case where it made sense to use getmatrix/setmatrix. just boygroup all transformation nodes.

i agree with joreg. you just should boygroup transform nodes.

if you have your reasons for doing otherwise there is a solution that is better than getmatrix, setmatrix.

extract the components on the server:

edit: put a fast damper for each pos, rotate, scale

put them into a transform 3d vector on the client

(note that this solution doesn’t work for “strange” matrices or those with perspective distortion…)