Boygroup: send data ONLY

Hi all,
i’m trying to sync data through multiple computers.
Right now, i use OSCprotocol to send data (that is basically just a gamepad information… control data)
but it’s a bit jerky and it’s working only 70%.
I thinking of using the boygroup function to sync all computers (5 total), but i really don’t get how to boygroup only data (let’s start with just a simple LFO) and HOW TO RETREIVE it.
When i hit ctrl-B in the server cpu, the node turns blue… and how do i get its output on the clent part ??

halo franzi.

have you read and understood what is written on the Boygrouping documentation site? also the mentioned example girlpower\takethat.v4p should help you get started. as a hint: you don’t have to do anything on the client machines except starting vvvv.exe with the /client option. the rest is done on the server. so there is no need for RETRIEVING things on a client.

yes joreg, i’ve read the boygrouping doc, and tryied the takethat example.
Do you mean there’s NO way to retreive data on the client ?
I’m just trying to boygroup Gamepad data (gamepad connected to the server) and retreive control messages on the clients (each client has its own renderer, that is NOT boygrouped). Is that possible ?


it says in the doc you can boygroup to “be able to transmit just the start/stop commands” … and basically, that’s what i wanna do

Why use a boygroup if you just want to send some gamepad data? try sending the data via tcp/udp. send it to the broadcast adress x.x.x.255, all clients in the same subnet should recieve and if you damper the recieved data on the clients a little, it shouldn’t jitter. boygrouping uses the same method to share data so there shouldn’t be any difference…

even more easy than UDP broadcasting is broadcasting.
have a look at
DMX (Network) Artnet Receiver
DMX (Network) Artnet Sender
although DMX is normally intended to control lights.
Each so called DMXuniverse is nothing else but a spread with count 512 carrying values between 0 and 1 restricted to a 8bit resolution.