BOygroup on the localhost

Hi all,

I got a problem about eyeinfinite with 'asus 6970 ’ graphic card that can’t spanmode with correct resolution(4:3) always (16:9), so i decide to use dualmode with localhost and boygroup+offset render -but maybe crash framerate:( -

i got success but a bit of weird like following image:

i can’t sync all with UDP protocol,but TCP works.

Did anyone had same experience!?



I got a problem of the spanmode, i had a Projector node using “getslice” separator five independent Render(Ex9) and offset in spanmode but crash framerate… ( Asus 6970 graphic card)

I can’t figure out how to improve framerate…:(


i cannot really follow…boygroup on a localhost doesn’t want to make any sense for me. boygrouping is only ever needed if you want have distributed client/server render setup. it won’t help you locally distributing stuff to different outputs.

please first try again:

  • describe the result you want to achieve leaving out all the problems you’re facing.
  • tell us the problem you’re facing
  • tell us what you’ tried so far to solve the problem

if you have a decent multicore machine, localhost-boygrouping can be an option to improve performance… if it works properly.

Thanks joreg & sebl,

I did not setup in localhost with five patch boygroup now, instead of try to setup with eyefinity mode(3x2) with 3072x1536(server side) and boygroup with four client and projection in virtual setup with four 2048x768 (figure 1.) , filestream -> videotexture. I got lag when i play the video, but when did not boygroup others get smooth? ( 15~20 fps).

thanks :)