Boygroup & FX Textured

I experienced boygroupping problems with textured FX .
With any other patch without textured FX all is working fine in boygroup.
On the server all is ok and on the client too but the texture is not displayed
In the TTy client window all is ok texture is loaded and VVVV start with the good texture path.

Is there any solution !



the texture are on each computer , or only on the server ?
If only on the server , you have to place the texture on each client or use dynamic texture.
hope thats help you…

the texture is not displayed on the Client

And texture are on each computer and sucessfully loaded

you have a Renderer (TTY) on the clients which tells you that the textures are loaded?

Yed the TTY returns that the texture is loaded in x.xx sec !!

if you start the servers patch on one of the clients? just to see if there is now technical problem…

can you post a simple (boygrouped) patch that shows the problem? maybe there is just something mispatched?

a simple does not working like a Render a SphereEX9 a FlatTextured and a Filetexture.
Note that it works without a FX file !