Boygroup and IDEHost with multiple vvvv instance

in a boygroup setup i discovered a wired behavior working with 2 instances on the boygroup server. If a second instance of vvvv is started before the boygroup server the client receives the IDEHost from the first vvvv instance and not from the boygroup server. This breakes the Clock (Network Boygroup) and the Sync (Network FileStream) in boygroup setup.
Using vvvv_45beta33.3_x64. (6.2 kB)

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No time to look into it right now, but it should be no problem if you make sure that the server is starting first, right?

if the server stats first everything work fine, but it it feels wrong if the IDEHost from the boygroup server is not send to the boygroup client.
In a long term installation we handle all startup shutdown stuff with one vvvv instance, which also starts the boygroup server. in the next step vidoplayback should be integrated to the setup. would be cool not to rewrite the whole startup shutdown process.


now some time for bugfixing?

u heard about VL… there no time for bug fixing! we need new poll to flatter more ;p

it took some time indeed. here is some background: the boygroup synchronization system uses a common time base which communicates on port 3334. if you start a vvvv instance this port is busy of course and the second instance will not be able to open the ports.

so the solution now is a new command line argument /clockport which specifies an alternative port… so in your case just leave the boygroup instances as they are and specify a different port for the vvvv instance which should not send its clock to the clients…

hope that helps and please report your findings…

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thanx for the fix. I will try it end of the week and give some feedback.

have you been able to test it in your scenario?

until now not. hope this will happen until the end of the week.

until now not. hope this will happen until the end of the week.

thing is, beta34 release is scheduled for the next days and it would be cool to have this tested… if you find a bug after the release, then the fix for it will only be in the alphas.

i’ll try to test it on wednesday

did you test it already?


with the testpatches posted above in the post it works perfect.
But do not get the installation running with the latest alpha. It throws the attachet error on server side.
And on client side it looks like it doesn’t find all nodes. But propably that is another issue or my vault. Will check this tomorrow.

Sorry today no more time for testing

vvvv.exe-exception-2015-07-16.log (43.4 kB)

thanks for taking the time, which vvvv version was working for you?