Box2d edgechain


just playing around with box2d + edgechain but objects get stuck
after the first collision! need to reset Box2d engine!
is there some limitations using the EdgeChain node?

not sure it’s the way to go to generate a complex ground (hills etc…)
there is also some threads on SVG import in vvvv
but i try inkscape and the SVG plugin without success…
perhaps svg’s need to be exported from illustrator?


edgechain bug (Box2d).v4p (47.0 kB)

hi there,
are there any news regarding box2d -> edgechain. my box2d objects are stuck as well, as soon they are colliding with the edgechain.

any hints, tips & tricks are welcome.

best regards philipp.

Guys check for your objects (namely polygons) not to have >180 degrees angles.

EDIT: gonna check your patch in winny computer asap…

obviously it s not a problem with polygons BUT as a workaround you can switch back to 40beta22. I had the same problems on another patch and seems like something is either broken or has changed since 40beta23.

Definitely seems like a new bug in beta23, edgechain never used to do that!

but even in beta22 it’s not working as i would think it is supposed to.
and still, loving box2d, big thanks to master vux ;-)

Ah yeah, just picked that one, forgot there was still this id problem.

Will be fixed for next release.

Fixed for next addon pack release