Box2d and aspect ratio question

Hi everyone,

My question is regarding box2d and keeping the aspect ratio of the circles when I stretch the window to a dimension of 16 x 2 - 16 width 2 height.

if you open the box 2d circle help file and stretch the window horizontally your circles will turn to ovals. I want to keep them as circles.

I played with transform - but the problem is that although I can transform the oval to a circle but then the physics get messed up.

I tried aspect ratio but with the same result.

Please let me know if you have a solution,

there is probably an easy fix I am missing out.

thank you

Please see attached patch how to handle that.
It is part of the node 15 workshop demo patches that will be contributed soon.

basic_box2d.v4p (136.1 kB)


thanks tgd you made my day, it looks good. Can’t wait for the demo patches.