Box or Sphere transformation

if I create a box, is there a possibility to transform its shape into a crazy 3d thing? i mean a kind of deformer?
or is it possible to blend a box and a sphere? king of subdivisons / hypernurbs look, style?
or which node do i have to use if i want to replace the box by a inported 3d model/ and what kind data does vvvv import? dxf/obj/3dm ?

i remember that
made a “MorphMesh” Module.

vvvv imports .x Files.

i succesfully converted all kind of meshes with Deep Exploration to xFiles.

HowTo prepare X Files
Tutorial Geometry Morphing
will be a good lecture for you.

you can deform x files within a vertex shader. also a morph between x-files is possible (both files must have the same count of vertices)