Box ode stronger

Hello , how could i make a box ode to be stronger , i mean that if i push a sphere very close to a box the sphere gets through the box , i would like to make it very rigid so it does not matter how close it is that will not go through , in the picture you can see that circles are getting outside when i compress them between 2 boxes .

thank you

maybe try to make the box thicker?

Hi gregsn , thanks for your reply , yes making the boxes thicker help a bit but does not solve the problem completly, i was thinking that may be ,there is a parameter or trick for that strenghtness in the ode objetcs


one of the basic problems in those frame based simulations is that not the path in between the frames is checked but only the positions after certain time steps. if two objects intersect then we have a collision and the ode reacts on that.
you can alter the steps with the world node. all these parameters in there are kind of not really understood completely. that’s why i put them as parameters to be changed by users.
the problem with this intersection checking is that a object can potentially have a very high velocity and therefore just run through an object (no intersection before, no intersection after, but somehow on the other side)…
so that’s why i thought thicker objects may behave more rigid, but you also might want to check the ode manual for all the other parameters (like simulation steps or ERP & CMF ?!)

thank you for the explanation , yes when i make a quick move of a box this thingy happens also , i,ll read on that link cheers