Box and light

Hi all

I have an question about the 3d lightning. I don’t understand why i can’t get regular shading of 3d object with Point Light. The shadows and light surfaces are on the wrong side of the object.
If i switch the light to Direction Light the shading is ok.
I am using depth buffer D24X8

Same thing is happening if i import my Xfile. From the some point of view i can see through the object back side lightning, but the light is in front.

thanks for help

fyz.v4p (6.7 kB)

-if you want a point light you need a different shader (PhongPoint). see the attached file.
-if you still have problems with Xfiles remember to check if normals are correct; if they are inverted the illumination will be inverted.

point-directional light (9.7 kB)