Bounds, mean , average?

Hello !
I was wondering how works bounds box ?

I have a queue and I would like a mean of values:
for me it means:
(n)+(n+1)+(n+2)/numbers of values

It doesn’t seem to be the same than center from bounds…

do some of you know the algorithm behind bounds ?
Is my meaning method correct ? (see the patch)

bounds forums.v4p (9.3 kB)


Check this updated patch.
Hope it helps.


bounds forums_reply.v4p (15.0 kB)

Have a look at the patch

should’ve reloaded before posting :)

Mean.v4p (17.1 kB)

hey thanks !!
oups I haven’t seen mean object…!
thanks a lot

@bjoern : always nice to have some patching details with differents approaches :)

Just for the future generation who read this:

Tutorial 32: The Spectral Nodes, Bounds, Mean, OR and AND.