Bounds and instance outputs in Skia


Diving into skia 2d, I understand the concept of layers, but there’s some nodes, related, for example, with the circle, with data input called “bounds” and inputs that say instance.Someone can clarify how this data it’s used or manipulated??

Thanks a lot

using the tooltip on a pin you can always find out about its datatype:


the circles “Bounds” input is of type “Rectangle”. so you can use a node like the Rectangle (Join) to generate such a rectangle that connects to the bounds input of the circle.

you say there are pins that say “instance”. can you show an example?


For example, the circle join outputs a data called “The instance”.

oh, so “The Instance.” here is only a comment/description for the pin with the name “Output” and the data type “Circle”. Agreed, the description in this case is not really helpful.

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