Bounding Box - update problems

If connecting Text(EX9.Geometry) directly with BoundingBox(EX9.Geometry Mesh) the outputs of BoundingBox(EX9.Geometry Mesh) are not updating when the text-input is changing.

When inserting an extra node like IOBox (Node) or Switch (Node) inbetween it is working correct.

There has been a very similar bug with comletely different nodes before:


update_boundingbox.v4p (16.5 kB)

Although there have been some changes in beta11.1 with this (I think it has to do with “Text (EX9.Geometry Mesh) now correctly reports changed status”), BoundingBox(EX9.Geometry Mesh) is not updating reliable. I am not able to reproduce it to 100% … sometimes it is working sometimes not.

It might be the same or similar effect that makes Wests Patch “ScrollingTextWithXmesh2.v4p” work in Beta10 but not in Beta11.1 !? This problem at least seems to be reproducable.
See vvvvorums > Patching Questions > How I know the Width off a XMesh