Bounding Box of DX11 Geometry after TransformBuffered (DX11 GeomFX)

Hello evvvveryone.

I just started getting into Instance Noodles from @everyoneishappy and loving it!

Now I have run into something that I cant solve. I am transforming some instances of geometry using a Dynamic Buffer of transforms and the TransformBuffered (DX11 GeomFX) node. Now I need to find the bounding box around all that geometry coming out of it. If I use bounding box it simply gives me the bounding box size of the source geometry.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Armin

you could multiply that size by transform, and get bounds out of there basically

there is way to do that with shader, but you gonna need pretty heavy custom one
you can look on Bounds from Particles pack, basically that’s gonna be your base, then you have to change it so it will accept your transform buffer and geometry or stream out processed geometry and read it as ByteAdressBuffer…

Thanks @antokhio, I will take a look at it. Sounds pretty complicated though and might be out of my league. I thought there might be a node for it, but it appears not. Maybe there is a mathematical way after all, since the source geometry is always contained in a box of 1x1x1, making it much easier to calculate I guess.

I just noticed some weird things on another computer though, which kind of begs the question if I can use instance noodles at all. There the second bounding box node is red for some reason and also geometry is not visible once I switch to the GPU Instancing method. So weird as its working on my iMac with a GTX780M, but not working at all on a PC with a GTX780ti … so weird !? Its exactly the same patch and exactly same install of vvvv and all packs like DX11 and instance noodles.

well most likely you have some dependency problem… Try TTY maybe, some stuped null reference somewhere…
if i have time tomorrow i’ll hack you one together…

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