Boolean trouble

Hello everyone.
Sorry for the newbie question, but it’s hard for me to understand logic in VVVV.

I’m trying to write a module with a few bang-inputs, each of the bang plays its own sound. I want that i click on one of the bangs and the sound begins to play, and when i click the next bang — the first sound stops and the second starts playing.

My problem is stopping the first sound. I guess that something like the XOR node and spreads of 1 and 0 can help, but can’t figure how to reach that.

Let me explain the problem in another way: imagine two bangs (b1 and b2) and two trigger buttons (t1 and t2). When i click b1 the t1 turns on, and when i click b2 – t1 turns off and t2 turns on. How can i do that?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

Hello Lintu,

All you need is OR node, here is a patch

boolean.v4p (7.0 kB)

i would go for the FlipFlop (Animation).

also make sure you know all nodes listed here: FUN

boolean2.v4p (8.1 kB)

Yes, FlipFlop is appropriate and straight! :)

Got it! :)
Thank you guys!

If anyone is interested:

BangSounds.v4p (7.8 kB)