Boolean to number

I’m using arduino to get the signal of a PID sensor.
it gives me the results in 0 or 1.
The question is, i’m using 2 sensors and i need to combine their results in a number.
For example
00 = 1
10 = 2
01 = 3
11 = 4

I’m using this to trigger videos as people enters in a room.
i need this number to acess the correct value in the switch (value) so i cant set start and end time of a video. (I attached all videos in just one file and i’m workig just changing their start and end times)

my patch already reads the arduino signal.
can anyone help me?

Here is …

patch4U.rar (931 Bytes)

I think you should check the Helpfile for the Node Radix (Value) .

thanks a lot guys.
digital slaves, your patch worked fine for me. i had just to make a few more tricks and my huge patch is done. i really enjoyed your homepage. i’ll go further on it to see the work of your group. it seems fantastic.
i started using vvvv yestarday and the help of the community was fundamental for me to get it done.
west, i’ll study de node radix and see it’s possibilities.and i’m really enjoying your tricks.
thaks all of you again.