I’m working on flocking behaviour generation in vvvv, and created a patch based on Craig Reynolds (and many others) work. It’s a basic flocking state (with no leader and no predator, just boids behaviour according to neighbours behaviour). This patch is a base for further animation (I’ve included simple visualization for adjustments only). Everything seems almost fine at the moment, but I’m expiriencing two problems that I cannot solve:

  1. Patch works very slow on high boids value (>150). Is there some tricks to resolve this issue (perhaps, using some low-cost calculations e.t.c.)?

  2. Expr node (it calculates angle between direction and neighbours position in section 2) become red from time to time. Why could this happen?

Feel free to use this patch, if you’ll find it usefull. All suggestions and modifications are welcome :)

Boids.v4p (718.2 kB)

Concerning 1

Have a look at @dottore))s ((contribution:boubles-proximity-dynamic

it contains

Or check out the the boids stuff in the VL girlpower folder (currently only available in alpha downloads)