Boids (flocking behavior) for DX11 Particles


is there an out of the box solution for a boids behavior in the dx11.particles? Or a different contribution which works on the GPU? So far the old Boids 3D is really great, but drains a lot of CPU if I use 500+ Particles.


there is not out of the box solution for this. I saw this in unity if that helps, you can maybe find solution on asset store there

there is no boids modifier yet. but it should not be too hard to implement it.
the biggest problem is the selection of neighbours, but you can have a look at the self repulsion modifier where a neighbour selection is implemented.

I’m sure I made a start on one years ago, I’ll see if I can find it, not sure it was complete though (15.1 KB)

Not complete, but kind of works, this is just dx11, rather than the particles pack though

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