Bodygrouping server speed

I set up the bodygrouping with the girlpower example 1 server 2 clients but when I start the server the v4 is working bad and slowly, very slowly. I run the server on a xp (mac intel 2.4 with bootcamp) but the same or worse problem if I work on a vista with dual core. Is some setting I missed in the process.

“bad and slowly”
can you go into details here? what exactly is not working as expected?

i start the server and the v4 window is just slow, if I move it on the desktop it moves very slowly, jerky.
once opened a patch the boygrouping works well founding the others pcs but also a simple animation goes slowly like 1 fps or less, and all the commands are slow eg.: if i click on a button to go to full screen on a client it takes at least a couple of seconds to toggle to on.

hmmmm…that sounds really strange. no idea at the moment…anybody?

a 100 base switch is enough? it could be there the problem. I would like to connect 17 clients to a server, it is possible

have u tried running vvvv on the clients without boygrouping just to check the clients are working at all ?

drivers uptodate ? too much stuff running ? clients not fast enough (pentium 2 ? ;)

ethernet could also be a problem if you use some sort of sync LFO via UDP/OSC and object are tied to it.

there is lots to check.

100baseT should not be the problem. and we’ve been running > 17 clients without such troubles.

the strange thing is that he says (if i understand correctly) the servers user-interface gets real slow… do you see that all the clients have connected properly (output of the boygroup-server node) or are they for some reason constantly reconnecting? what does the console (renderer-tty) say?

ok I made some experiments
thakethat from girlpower doesen’t work, it works jerky. with another patch it works perfectly on clients but the server is always slow. the computers are brand new dual core so I don’t think it’s a processor problem. I started the server also on a macbook pro 2.4Ghz with xp on bootcamp, same problem, the window is difficult to move and the patches are slow to change eg.: if I want to change a value in an IObox it takes at least 2 or 3 seconds just after the double click to edit the number.
joreg the problem happens also without any patch opened. Also only the server window is slow.
I open vvvv with /server in args.txt is that ok?

joreg, which difference is to run on vista the vvvv as administrator or normally. I think the problem was there. when I open vvvv it say me that is not opening as admin I just click ok and everything is ok now. It’s something wrong with the admin on vista I think.
thanks for all

ps.: I’ll bother you and the group with other questions, I’m a newbie ;)

perhaps you can test the UDP or TCP nodes and check if similar problems occur?

huh strange, i am not familiar with vista though…no idea why running vvvv as admin should make a performance difference…

I confirm that admin mode do not affect performances.
Btw be always logged as admin in Win XP / Vista.
I guess you do not have any antivirus or Firewall activated and you already test that !

Try to make a ping , if your packets are received with a high latency , it could be a path to the solution.

  • I open vvvv with /server in args.txt is that ok?

again: are there any errors thrown in the console?

right now everything works well
the firewall was off and no antivirus was installed so I don’t know what happened