BMP rendering stops at 461th frame !?


during my work on some hq video scrubbing at meso, i want to render 500 BMPs. but i can’t! PNG is no problem, but the bitmap rendering has very strange behaviour. frame 460 is correct, frame 461 has the right size but i can’t open it, then until 488 i have 0kb files, then it stops.

here the patch:

render2.v4p (10.6 kB)

hi tonfilm,

i don’t think that it helps you but i had the same issue when modifiyng values in vvvv’s GUI while rendering out of a very large patch.



ok, interesting… maybe i moved or changed something… thx!

did you try with different graphic adapters (with different amounts of memory)? maybe app is running out of memory due to internal (missing/buggy) mem management… respectively did you try to render a huge number of PNGs? does it stop at some point too, then? but i’m not sure if mem on the graphics adapter is reserved for saving bmps/textures in general… just an idea.