Blurring a part of a texture


I would like to blur a small part of a texture that is rendered to 5680x1080 pixel. (over the blurred area is t´shown content …)

which blur shader for a normal unsharp look?

how can I soften a smaller part of a large texture?



is this of some help?

BlurSome.v4p (12.5 kB)


I opened your patch but on the left right side i got some red nodes. cirlce, renderer, svgtexture …

%vvvv%\lib\nodes … ist missing.

Strange, just downloaded from forum and it works, here.
I think you’re not using 27.2, which have a different folder structure from 26 - explaining also why SVG nodes don’t work, I guess.
Well, on the left just choose any image on your disk, for the rest should be fixed.


BlurSome_notbeta27.2.v4p (13.2 kB)

it works, I installed 27.2. thanxs

considering the vast amount of pixels of the original texture, it might be more friendly to your computer to put a small part of the original big texture on a extra geometry and just apply the blur shader on this…


how can I crop a part of the big texture into0 a smaller texture?

If you create a spread of quads using cross 2d, e.g. in a grid of 3 x 3, then you’ll be able to apply a texture to all of these quads applying transformations of geometry to Texture Transform pin - link output pin of last transform node to texture transform pin on quad.
You’ll see that now texture is split in grid of 3 x 3 and each slice of texture is transformed accordingly with geometry.

i meant an overlay over the original texture, like so:

texture_part.v4p (10.0 kB)

thus avoiding to fill memory with another (that in case could furthermore be huge) texture.