BlurRadial3D (EX9) negative value

BlurRadial3D (EX9) to get negative value - is there a easy way on GPU?

whatever I do with View and Projection the rays are always pointed towards to camera

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TeapotRadialBlur3D.v4p (6.1 kB)

like this?

TeapotRadialBlur3D.v4p (7.3 kB)

Hi sebl,
nee. the rays should go to Z+ direction= zoom out= outwards, like the pic

a negative zoom?

TeapotRadialBlur3D.v4p (6.1 kB)

Thanks man. I’ve tried to do the same before, but could not change the Zoom value to negative. Strange - all downstream I/O boxes are OK. From where comes this limitation? shader code?

yes, the min and max are defined in the hlsl code. see this line:

float Zoom =0;

you can easily clone this effect and then edit it. the little + behind ‘RadialBlur3D.fx’ in the editors title shows you tht it’s a “built-in” effect, that couldn’t be changed

thanks that’s the way

I changed uimin to -1 in code, but it turned red, technique not valid

-BlurRadial3D.fx (1.2 kB)

compiles just fine here with uimin=-1.0
but anyways, why change that in shader? you could still have negative zoom value, even if there is a limit in iobox/pin - just put some node that ignores the iobox settings (like + (Value) ) inbetween, and in that one you have iobox value limits reset

BlurRadial3D_nz.fx (1.1 kB)

found my typing mistake