[blue/green/any colour] screen


I have been trying to work out how to replace a colour that is being filmed with a video stream. It’s the same principal as a blue/green screen used in the film industry.

So far I have had little success, I have managed (by using lesson 3 in pixel shader for newbies) to have one videoin be the background and a second videoin be the foreground. Am I going along the right track? I’m guessing I’m going to have to look long and hard at how to code in HLSL, but if anyone could give some helpful tips that would be great.


hi gaz,

have a look at user shaders
there are several approaches:
chromakey by @catweasel
-bg+key by @kalle

you only need one videoin; you take a snapshot of your background with Queue (EX9.Texture)

btw: HLSL isn’t that hard as it looks like.

Thanks for the tip Kalle =)


I’ve been playing around with the Bluebox module. My skills at coding just aren’t up to scratch, I’m stuck and not sure what to do now.

Basically I’m trying to take the blue screen idea one step further and change not only the blue colour, but also in the same video feed a second colour. And possibly carry on and on…

Anyway, I’ve attached what I’ve managed so far. If someone could help that’d be great.



Bluebox2.rar (35.1 kB)