Blog post rules

hi, vvvvebmasters!

as i see, my post Russian Christmas FX salad was re-tagged to stuff tag instead of gallery i posted it first.

ok, formally it’s true, but than following gallery posts (from gallery only 3 first pages) should be re-tagged too:
Happy Patching,
Toying with L-spreads,
Dripping Paint,
gGraf meets Katsu

sure, the main reason for me to tag my post as gallery is to see it on the front page. but i’m not only give a link to contribution but made screenshots too! similar to posts listed above.

now there are only 4 tags of the blog presented on the front\second pages of website (screenshots, news, gallery and shoutbox). to read other posts i need to go to the blog section and specify tags. that not looks fair.

sure there are spam, shameless self-promo and advertising problems for open blog, but lets dicuss here: how to make blog more open, interesting, fair and easy to moderate in the future.

thank you.

hei bo,

thanks for digging out those other posts. you’re right, they are also more screehsots/stuff than gallery-projects. this is not to degrate those, just to make sure people interested in a gallery of things made with vvvv get to see projects that are a bit more documented.

also i moved your christmas salad to the news-section, where i think it makes more sense and which also makes it appear on the frontpage. hope thats fine with you.

hi joreg,

sure thats fine, thank you, but this is not a main point for me.
lets keep the question open:

how to make vvvv blog more open, fair and easy to moderate in the future?