Blob id tracking

Yow. Has anyone either patched or pluginised a way of managing ids of objects (like blobs) in a way discussed here? -

I have some objects with properties like x/y position, width/height, area, and I need to assign them all an id that will stay consistent even when the order of the spread changes. The spreadcount can also change.

This is basically a way of tracking the position of blobs from a multi touch screen or something similar. I just have the above data though so cannot use contour or something.

I’ve got part way of just patching the x/y position vs previous frame x/y position part of it, but still canny get that close. I think this may be a problem that is easier to code than patch, but that’s confuzzling the life outta me too.

I’ll see if I can make a patch to test solutions with

Check out this plugin:

I used it a couple of years ago, and as I recall I ended up modifying it to handle Contour’s screwed up IDs - but you shouldn’t need that. I don’t recall it doing motion estimation, but that shouldn’t be hard to add, neither should feature matching like size etc. to get a match score in addition to position.

Good luck!