Blending more than two textures

I wonder how to blend more than two different textures. Right now I’m using the transitions_basic.fx to do alpha-blending between two textures. But I want to blend together like >10 of them. Is it possible to blend together two transition_basic outputs in another transition_basic.fx? Like creating a tree of them? Or is there another way to achieve this?

You can rightclick the effect node and edit it until it does what you want it to do.

Just digged this out… This might help you by showing how to handle more than 2 textures. Need some keying though.

Hope this help!

blend 4 (85.6 kB)

thanks desaxismundi!
I’ll try this…

hello, for many textures i would just use a spread of quads, in case alpha blending is sufficiant:

blend_many_textures.v4p (6.6 kB)