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I wanted to build a 3d character which is able to interpolate between different “dancemoves”. Therefor I thought I could use the motion captures from mixamo. It is easily possible for me to load an .dae file and have an animation in it, but what I would like to achieve is to have multiple animations in the .dae file. What i found so far is that GlTF-files are used for combining different animations into one file but I can’t find any supporting node for this file format inside of vvvv.
Is there maybe a way to have a 3d model brought into vvvv which is already rigged which then also is able to have different animations applied to it?

I’m not sure whether beta is the right tool for that. But you can certainly organize animations and play them with Stride:

See the help file “modify loaded entities” in the gamma help browser…

Yea I thought that gamma would be better for that. The help patch looks promising!! Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.
For those who may are also interested in doing that in beta: There is also a node thats called “mixPose” like in the previous Collada version but that’s not really working with mixing poses from mixamo. I don’t know why but my guess would be that it depends on the numbers of joints that are being used.
What did the trick for me was to separate the joints from the animation with “jointInfo” and then blend between the baseTransforms of each animation with “InputMorph”. Then feed the positions of the joints back into “SetJoint” and by that reassemble the skeleton.

Would you mind sharing the patch?

I really recommend doing this with unity or some other engine that fully supports rigging and motion blending. You will save so much time

here is the basic logic of how i got it done.
SkeletonMorph.v4p (25.7 KB)
you need to basically have a rigged character with all poses and dancemoves inside of the fbx model. I did all the combining of poses and dancemoves inside of blender and then exported this as an fbx model

Thank you, hope I will soon find the time to check it out.

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