Blender like Array Modifier but using LinearSpread


here is a how I managed to make it but I’m totally stuck as I wish it would behave like a linear spread (basically things would spread from the center).

Also my goal is to extend this using RandomSpread as well.

ArrayModifier.vl (58.7 KB)

If you guys have any hint ?


Trying with recursive based one the Broccoli example found here on the forum.

I ended up with quite a mess of a patch and the recursion stop at the second level…

RecursiveTest.vl (58.4 KB)

in the recursive example, you create a new SpreadBuilder on every level, but it has to be the same instance for every level. so it should be created by level 0 or passed in as input and then passed into every level by the parent. basically like an accumulator to which every level adds their data.

That’s because I’m trying to return only the transform coming from the final iteration. Otherwise I end up with all objects. So I thought i should create a new SpreadBuilder each time but it’s not the way to do it.

Here I’m using Remove but while the Count is correct I think the items removed aren’t.
RecursiveTest.vl (60.5 KB)


had to put the Remove outside the loop as I forgot that it’s not possible to Iterate and Remove at the same time :

RecursiveTest.vl (62.4 KB)

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