Blend quads in dx11 with priority layer

Hi all !
yes another blending layers question.

I would like to replace black in image by alpha and make it transparent…
here’s my result:

you can see there’s an addition of two layers which I don’t want…

I would like the red upon the green…

here’s the patch => (18.0 KB)

thanks in advance !

maybe I can’t blend those quads and I would have to blend textures in one quad ?

I would have loved to have possibility to blend quads simply with a renderstate…

but I can’t figure out why the alpha is still adding between quad1 and quad 2…

hey !
little up here…
I’m still stuck…
any help would be appreciated :-)
thanks in advance

arrr…nobody about this issue ?
thanks in advance.

Here you go: blend-2QUADS-keyingAndSpreading.v4p (24.1 KB)

Hey sunep !
Thank you, exactly what I want.
the spread version is really cool !!

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