Blend Multiply Group dx11

Hey Folks,

happy Easter everyone. I have a problem - i dont get why this blending (multiply) of layers doesnt work here…Here is a sample patch. If you choose add or blend youll see two quads - if you choose multiply you see none. Can someone tell me why this is?

windows 8
64 bit
vvvv 31.2

thank you very much for reading and sorry if this has been discussed before - i couldnt find this issue in other threads.


blendTest.v4p (4.5 kB)

Happy Easter to you too.
Well, I don’t know much about DX11, but it seems to work fine and predictably.
I mean: you have a black renderer (RGB 0,0,0), so a “multiply blending” results in a black color.
If you try another color for renderer (RGB 127, 127,127) you would find that multiply works at least in a predictable way - I think.

blendTest_mod.v4p (9.4 kB)