Blend.fx thoughts

hi vvvvellows,

at first: i really have no idea about shader programming ;)
but maybe theres someone out there with excellent skills in that programming language and thinks also that might be a good idea to include this function.

heres my aim.

i think, the BLEND.FX should have a seperare RGBA or COLOR input. the problem is, that a VIDEOTEXTURE now goes in BLEND.FX without any QUAD. i use the COLOR inputs in QUAD to tint my videos to a specific color or alpha.
but now i dont have the possibility, or am i wrong? is there a workaround that i cant see? ;)

the 2nd idea is, that all technics except blend are fine BUT there should be an improvement. now, if you set layer 2 transparency to full on, you always see layer 1, too. ok - its just the way photoshop does also (like mentionet in help file). BUT wouldnt be nice, if you have this situation at 50% transparency and if you go up, layer 1 dissapears and only layer 2 is visible and vice versa (blending WITH photoshop effects)…

is this possibe ?

thanks for help in advance


hi grobkorn

which blend.fx are you referring to?

sounds like the one from the bazaar:

sorry for the delay… ;)

jepp, its the one from the bazar…

hope it helps ;)

thanks in advance