Blank operation error



In VL if you instantiate a process and one of its operations has a blank name you will get an exception. This exception is sometimes persistent after you’ve deleted the node.
Better fail behaviour would be a red node.

I often accidentally create blank operations when I’m copying and pasting nodes from other sources. Eg If I need to convert an operation (of the node definition kind) to a process then the operation (of the right click and select kind) that those nodes are pasted in on will not be the update operation, it will be a new coloured operation with a blank name. Even after I reassign that logic to an existing operation the blank one causes errors once that process is instantiated.

Also it’s slightly confusing to talk about ‘operations’ and ‘operations’… what language do you use to differentiate them?

In 50Beta35.8
Sorry I’m late in a production process right now, can’t afford to switch to an alpha.


hei toby,

regarding operation vs. operation please refer to this chapter:

then: indeed what you described (empty operation on copy-paste) is a bugger. there should of course never be blank operations. thanks for the pointer.