Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K > DX9 Texture stays black

I’m having some issues getting the Decklink nodes to work in DX9.

I’m using an Intensity Pro 4K to capture 1080i 59.94 from an external laptop via HDMI.
The Blackmagic Media Express is displaying and capturing my feed nicely and recognizes input+format
V4 has no red nodes and appears to receive frames. Also the DX9 texture seems to have the right format and resolution. The dx9 texture however, stays black.

I tried several different versions of the decklink nodes and v4 as well.
Can anyone recommend a combination of versions which seem to work?

The DX11 version stays black as well in the version I got it up and running without red nodes…(34.2_x64)

Looks like something is wrong with my video feed, right?

Hi zepi!

Did you stumble upon this thread?: Blackmagic UltraStudio mini Recorder - VideoIn (everyone ever used it?)

Maybe there is something in there that could help you. Did you set all the information on the input pins? (Device, Video Format, Framerate, etc…)

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