Blackmagic ATEM command in VL

I want to integrate in VVVV / VL commands for the Blackmagic ATEM switchers.
That’s my first intent of integrating an external library, and I would like to have some help on it.
I must say that I have no knowledge in C#, but I was wondering if VL’s way of integrating external libraries could help me here.
The SDK for the ATEM switchers can be found here
Thanks for your inputs.

Hi @keftaparty,

I had a quick look at the SDK documentation. I’m no C# expert either but I think there will be a bit involved. The library uses interfaces and I think they’d need to be wrapped with C# before hand. After that it should be okay to port to VL.

I think I’d find it difficult without a device to test with and I don’t suppose too many vvvv’s are using switchers like that so often.

I’ve included the SDK documentation here if anyone else wants to weigh in.

Blackmagic Switchers (3.9 MB)

From a first glance in their C# example here I can’t see anything particular we wouldn’t support BUT if you have no preknowledge of C# I’m not sure it will be vise to try this one. As is also explained here by some of their devs the example is very trivial and in a real application more things have to be taken into account.

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