BlackMagic and DX11

hallo guys!
Get a gig tomorrow, they asked me if I can import video from a BlackMagic (usb3) external card. I remember having some issue with it couple of years ago ( can someone tell me if actually it is possible to get a video texture from BlackMagic into DX11?

I am also curious, I have had it work great in the past, but now it is really a mess figuring out which driver works and how to make it work in vvvv once it is running stable, I am confused too.

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Hey guys, you could use Black Spout and Spout receiver in vvvv in order to get the stream from an intensity pro or other Black magic capture device.

Hey Guys, Sorr for being late. Try this. I’m on mac right now, so I cannot test, but it should be the latest version.

It’s a dx11 videoIn node that works with the list devices from node from the original blackmagic nodeset.

It’s not perfect as described at the end of this thread, but the dx9 version of blackmagic video in nodes have the same problem.

Will make a proper contribution with help patch of this the next days, but for the moment please test from here.

-eno (22.8 kB)

Doesn`t show up for me on win 8.1 pro x64

Shuttle on usb3.0

No red node…some things happening when I change modes…but green screen for me…

AMD radeon hd8500m


hi guys does the balck magic video link can suport 8 cameras?. and can i select each diferetn on VVVV?. otherthing, i down load the contribution but all my nodes are at red, do you know where needs to be placed the folder?. thansk alot