Black SVG when exported with "internal css"

hi all,

I just hunted a bug down to an SVG file, which loads but is black. Turns out this one was exported with “Internal CSS” instead of the “Inline Format” option from Illustrator. Would be nice if the gamma node could throw an error or not display the image at all. Seems like it could not load the color information. (870 Bytes)


Please don’t suggest alternative Vector editing tools, sadly Adobe CS is still the industry standard.

There is just too many svg variations, in-line styles are commonly most supported


You need to save them with attributes


Also, I don’t think it has anything to do with VVVV, more to do with Skia. I think it’s more about Skia not supporting these modern formats.

too many svg variants out there…
thanks, guys!

To be honest, SVG with attributes is much more convenient to use in VVVV - you can parse it as XML and get access to a lot of parameters. In case of using CSS it would be difficult.