Black fullscreen on clients


some fews days ago I’v go to the version 33beta14.9 in the 40beta17 and since with a simple Boygrouping configuration I doesn’t any more manage to make that the client display make Fullscreen! 3 other modes work but when I tempt Fullscreen the clients react by showing a black screen.

I don’t think that the hardware is the cause because individually every pc manages correctly the Fullscreen mode with v4, but not in server / customer mode.

In spite of several searches on the forums I found nothing about this, somebody have an idea?

I admit that my question isn’t necessarily of the most interesting quite as my English but I really spent a lot of time on it and I have the impression to have made the tour.

Your help is welcome

Friendly qwas

hai qwas, sory for the delay.

please note that with beta15 boygrouping was completely rewritten. try with a simple setup first, as e.g. with the \girlpower\TakeThat.v4p

using the fullscreen-pin on the Renderer(EX9) should really work. please try to rephrase your problem if it still persists.