Bizarre nVidia 570 fullscreen behavior

I’m starting to suspect some of the problems I’ve been fighting have to do with the nVidia GTX570. If I send a renderer to fullscreen on a second screen, I get a smaller version of the whole renderer in the upper left corner. That smaller image also has a reddish cast to it (see photo).

If I open an inspektor on the renderer and change anything (aliasing, depth buffer, etc.), the small image disappears, but then the whole image has the reddish cast.

If I go fullscreen on the primary monitor, there is no secondary image but the image has the red cast.

This happens with vvvv b23, b25.1, and b26. It does not happen on my other system with a GTX285, but that is also XP instead of Win7 x64. I’m using nVidia driver 280.26 on both machines. The GTX570 is an EVGA SuperClocked 012-P3-1573-AR GeForce GTX 570 HD.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Test file attached.


DoubleFullscreen3.v4p (5.1 kB)

Hmmph. The image will not show in the post, even though it shows it in the image list. Attaching it instead.

YARGG! I have to zip the image to get it in as an attachment.


works here… (win7 x64 / Gigabyte GTX 570 / 270.61 drivers)

Thanks m4d - you got me to thinking more about it, and what might be different in our setups. The red cast made me realize that I have nvidia 3D enabled, and set for red/blue anaglyph. Sure enough, turning that off makes the problem go away.

So vvvv is not compatible with nvidia 3D mode. Not sure exactly what “compatible” would mean anyway…