Bin Size Pins "off" by default from VL nodes

Devs, would you mind if the Binsize pins were off by default? I’m always fighting to find the pins I newly made because they double in number.

I can undestand that if you are using these pins you don’t want them to disappear as soon as you make a change because that might effect the functinaltiy of the work yo’re doing, but why can’t vvvv remember the settings anyway?


Yes, they are annoying.

From my understanding, they are necessary because devvvvs assume all vl plugins to be singular processes that are supposed to spread for each element.

In all my plugin writing practise, this is quite an edge case tbh. I see the potential, but I would prefer it if it were opt-in.

It would be nice to hear from other users, if that’s universal: Have you ever used the binsize pins of a vl plugin, and if yes, how often is that the case?

Right now, there is not even an opt-out. Same goes for the proposed evaluate-pin. Or the AutoEvaluate for that matter.

So consider me leaving my +1 here, but I would recommend having a hard look at the actual vl2vvvv integration first, because that seems the reason vl plugins are often verbose and overly assumptious, compared to their c# cousins (where vvvv-sdk allows fine-grained control to provide nice plugins to end users)

just a quick note that we have this on our list already. not sure yet how to go about it but we’re annoyed by those ourselves…

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