Billboarding Plugins

any news on using billboard and withinprojection stuff inside a plugin?

Just stumbling over your post:
We got a billboard patch running in the permanent video installation “Funkturm Oberhausen”:
The patch flips through a tiled texture, assembling MySQL stored strings. The texture consists normally of a font laid out in several rows, but can easily be abused for image data.

It is NOT using C# (yet), which makes it quite a biggie ;(
But it is rocksteady and clean.

Ignore of course, if you are after something completely different.
In the other case, i’d need to add some documentary info before uploading.

he blausand,
thanks for your thoughts but i have already implemented a patch based billboarding.
it is just always a problem to use the great button & slider plugins in a pixel based layout.

nice project btw.

i don’t know why you need billboarding in plugins… if there is an outgoing transform, you can combine it with a withinViewport/View/Projection nodes.

i’m sure you know that, so where’s the point i am missing?

yes its possible to draw plugin stuff in pixel billboard mode with * (Transform) but the mouse has to match on the appearance of the buttons/slider… that my be the point.

thats one point and another is - if you multiply the pixelspace afterwards than its most complicated to set a slider to a pixel position. You cannot use the sliders own transform pin anymore and you have to deal with the multiple transformation outputs (note that one slider for example consists out of 2 transformations).

anyway i guess this is a workaround for most of plugins (text, etc.) and i just built the interface elements the old modules way. so i´m fine.