BillBoard DX11

Hi, i was playing around with billboarding to obtain objects always facing viewer, using dx9 renderer everything is fine, using dx11 everything is goin somewhere else or not facing view, so i tried DX11 pixelBillboard, but had no results, basically i thouhgt to obtain this i should use inverse transform from camera view, works, but still tuning scale, looks like dirty solution some time :), any hint ?

Have you looked at the point sprites example in dx11/girlpower/sm4/geometry shaders?
Or do you need the scale fixed and always facing camera too?

hi, yes i saw it, but basically i need to have some quads always facing viewer indipendetly by the camera transform, got it something like that using logical Inverse transform from view, but looks like scaling is messing around :D

I need exactly what is inside help ptch of billboard transform, just it doesnt work as expected in dx11, or its’ me dumb…maybe on saturday :)

Hi there is an EX9 effect called SelfAlign that do the billboard effect you want. I’m learnings shaders so I tried to port this shader to DX11.
And we did it!
Thanks to Lecloneur for his great help!

and theses links:


(just in case, it could gives anyone the want to have fun by porting nice eye candy shaders to dx11) (3.6 kB)

Thanks a lot for sharing, finally a shader billboard :)

and thank you for links you provide, very useful.

For anyone needing an alternative transform for Billboard in DX11.

Take the camera view transform. Attach it to the right pin of the Inverse (Transform) node. Below Inverse attach a Decompose (Transform Vector) to get the rotation XYZ. Put only the rotation XYZ in to the transform that you need billboarded.