Big ups from Valencia!

Hi everybody, I’ve just reccently discovered vvvv and I must say that my first impressions are extremely possitive. I really like its versatility and possibility of aplication in variety of artistic projects and live situations.
I’m electronic musician and I’m always looking for visualisation of my sounds, I find it really interesting to be able to trigger visuals by sound impulse. I haven’t seen much of vvvv, but I can see how things work from some of your patches I’ve already checked out, such as ZERO patch by SANCH.
I’m taking first steps here with you tutorials and wanted to ask if anyone of you could help me with an advise or recomend any good patches, visual generators triggered by music.
It also would be great to know if there are any vvvv users in Spain or directly here in Valencia.
You can check some of my works here
thanks and big ups to developers!!!

Hi Matka,

tonfilm has made a great patch called [|Music 3d

Have you read vux-doc-ftttricks

Some of this should get you started but concentrate on getting the basics of the software and you’ll be doing what you want in no time.

great work, bring it to vvvv.

Thanks for the tips, I’m getting on it!!