Big textures and vide0


I move 4 big textures (4096x4096 px) in XY direction. on defined points different videos blends over this map. when the video starts there a little delay… the background map moves not smooth…

how can I get this thing smooth. video blend with a shader?


May be you’ll find at this thread something - for getting smooth pic.
And there are some threads about video delay at startup and workarounds for this.

hark, frank was faster ;) anyway:

i suspect your way of playing back the videos causes the stutter. how are you doing it? are you, bychance, using a single FileStream (DShow9) node that loads a different video whenever you approach the next point on your ‘map’? if so, the loading time might be the scapegoat; it could be fixed using multiple FileStream (DShow9) or, more elegant, by playing back a single AviSynth script.

i believe @Desaxismundi already did that.

thanks, could I put all videos in one file?


How can I play several videos out of an AviSyth File?