Better handling of positions for new patch windows

I think this has been discussed and addressed before, but it seems there are still cases left where the window positioning does not work for newly created patches/dialog windows.

In my case right now, I have a main monitor with 1920x1080 and a second monitor with 4320x1920 (eyefinity). They are aligned along the top edge. Creating patches with CTRL+G or opening file dialogs or other dialog windows mostly causes them to pop up somewhere below the main monitor (seems as they would be in the center of the screen if the main monitor had the same size as the second one) or even in the center of the second monitor, despite that one having a fullscreen renderer.

I think new windows/new patches should always be in the center of the display from which they were requested…

hei herbst,

is this a duplicate of and only happens on scrolled patches?

regarding filedialogs i think we have no influence, vvvv just asks the system to open them. what other dialogs you mean?

Hm, is probably duplicate of both that and (your link does not work directly for me, the space gets autoconverted to a minus somehow). Thought that it might be due to different screen resolutions, so maybe just note that to keep in mind when fixing the general positioning issue.

If you have no influence over creation of filedialogs, maybe you can somehow SetWindow them to the correct position? It happens for me e.g. for FileTexture file input, save to window for patches, save window for newly created patches (probably all system dialogs).

EDIT: maybe this can help with positioning the dialogs.