Better error reporting

While using Gamma intensely on a rather large project, we have noticed and come to loath the error reporting of VL.

While it is nice that it can jump to an error, when you have a lot of dependencies and different interconnected files it can become unwieldy. Some errors are easy to find, others are a bit like playing Where’s Waldo (a pin that does not exist any more, even a missing node in a large patch). Things like missing nodes and pins should be highlighted way more than they are now!

The worst kind of course is the circular type of error, where it is not even clear where the error exists and what it might be.

What would be great would be a separate panel, like a console, that just displays all errors and offers some functions like jumping to the error (if it can be located precisely). If not they should be shown there.

The same goes for the dependency errors, where wrong versions are referenced or a dependency is missing. When simply opening a file, you cannot tell that a dependency is missing. You have to click the file name first to see Dependencies in Red. Why does the red colour not propagate all the way to the file name and show it in red as well?

A central place for all errors would be much cleaner rather than having to endlessly click through patches to find them.

Another use case that is very hard to debug: Changing the name of an operation, but then not saving one of the files that uses it. This should be also an error in the console where it just says “Cant find Operation GetName” and it lets you jump to each instance or replace them all at once.

Thanks for considering!


+1000 as current situation is totally horrible.