Betahalo 3d?

I would like a typography in 3d from betahalo patch,
Is it possible?

thank you

i always must think of that wonderful song by Dizzy Gillespie, when i read your name.

the attached patchlet with 3 nodes should help you to get there.

aNightinTunisia.v4p (1.9 kB)

thank you kalle ^^
if you come in Tunisia, I would visit the place that inspired dizzy for this standard jazz


yes, for sure.
and your place!

be careful, i really might do this!
ask @anachronik, he’ll confirm this…

a night in tunisia, what a wonderful song for real…

if you havent, make sure to listen to this whole live recording

hey wait a minute…

omg there’s a 2004 reissue which contains fourteen tracks!!!
ok i need it now … does anybody has it around here??

i like the way Victor Wooten does it…

yeah victor is amazing, king of slap…

I once tried this, using the same typospread 2 times wit a Z transform.

Trying to download that album for you, goes slow, dunno why.

Text.v4p (13.4 kB)

tnx mate ill be waitin ;)

thx West… no text …