Beta9 Texture Feedback Problem


I did a patch in beta8.1 which sends a texture forth an back between two renderpasses. the special thing here is that each renderpass have its own blendmode. this causes some special fractal patterns, please see the example in the attached patch for beta8.1

Now in beta 9 the same patch adopted to the new layering system doesnt work anymore. see the attached patch for beta9. i know that in beta9 its possible to do a feedback with just one renderer writing in a queue. (does the queue now something like a framedelay?) but this isnt suitable to me because i need those two different blending modes.

any explanation why and what goes on behind the scene between beta 8.1 and beta 9?
is the new queue (texture) node working different?

im thankful for every hint

ele (5.0 kB)

Try changing the settings in the |DX9Texture| node, I have found that type>volume texture is the only one that works for me.