nice work, really!
(thumbs up)

however, two little bugs:
*GetPatch does no bang on change
*After a while i couldn’t scroll further down (left menu) than Value and a bit ofVector. (i think i’m missing the topics VVVV and Windows)

  • GetPatch: did you connect a patch to the GetPatch node? e.g. via the PatchAlias node? other possibility: When you select a subpatch in the inspector there is also the possibility to activate a pin called “Patch” to show up in the patch. So you also can connect this Patch pin of the subpatch directly to a GetPatch node. For me the HasChanged works.

thanks and cheers

i connected a PatchAlias node to the GetPatch. no bang. neither in “selfmode” nor parent.

oh, even more strange: restarting made it working. although it wasn working for at least 12 hours now…

maybe you just didn’t see it? mainloop to fast?
don’t play jokes wiht me!