Beta34 fullscreen not working

beta34 completely unuseable here. windows 7, creating renderer (ex9) > setting to fullscreen (on second screen) > whole systems becomes unresponsive (not even able to kill vvvv in task manager), constantly trying to get the focus or something.

see video attached. once deleting the renderer it’s okay.

sounds like:

are you saying this is new behaviour in b34 and was not like that in b33.7 or another previous version?

yes, 33.7 works fine. as does the dx11 renderer in 34.

hm…if you set the renderers Fullscreen Refresh Rate to something other than “As Desktop”. does that change anything?

yes! this does the trick. can’t open my older project files though, as they are all set to open in fullscreen on the second screen. so i have to stick to 33.7. please fix.

i’ll look into it. but this is also the reason why people should test the alphas more frequently before release… we cant simulate all possible cases here.


i could not reproduce the problem on my laptop. i have win7 64bit running vvvv 64bit with an nvidia gt330m driver version 341.44.

laptop screen was always at 60hz tested second monitor with 60 and 50. was always working, only that in the test with the second screen on 50 it went fullscreen with 60. Even my 4 letter vvvv random title was ‘RRRR’!

can you give me all your specs, maybe i messed something… also, what does tty say? it seems as if the device cannot be created…

on my laptop GTX 850M goes to fullscreen no problem
on desktop GTX 590 goes fullscreen on any of 3 screens

Windows 7 64bit, Nvidia GT650M

— creating the renderer —

00:00:12 - : AsDesktop: 1920 x 1200
00:00:12 - : AsDesktop Refresh Rate: 59

— moving to second screen —

00:00:14 - : AsDesktop: 1920 x 1080

Why 59hz? In the Nvidia control panel both screens are set to 60fps of course.

found a possible bugger, the refresh rate was not updated when the renderer moves to another screen. try again with upcoming alpha please…

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ja, thanks.