Beta28... Stop working after installing beta 32.1


strangely i have this behavior , i need to use some old betas like beta28 to rescue use some old patches, it seems to me that they stop working after installing the last 32.1 , maybe it,s just happen for other reason but did not realise until then that,s why i think it is after 32.1

basically i use the old crack.exe and then open vvvv.exe but screenshot remain in the screen and nothing continuous ,

any ideas or hint to make old versions work again ?


Maybe something related to the Puredata problems of the past? If I remember correctly one of the newest releases of the betas overcame the issue but it might be having an impact of older betas. Or you still have the old PD problem rearing its head again.

What guest said - and if that doesn’t help try deleting or renaming the lib/nodes/freeframe folder - I think that helped someone in the past having a similiar issue.

just a hunch:

try starting 28 once with /logstartup

hi thanks for the tips , disabling the freeframes worked like stated here is there a way to make the freeframes work and open old version too ?